Who We Are

EDAMS Technology is the software development arm of Hydro-Comp group of companies and it stands for Engineering Design and Management Systems. 

Hydro-Comp is an international information technology and consulting company specialising in integrated management information systems (called EDAMS) and related services for Utilities, Municipalities and Government Environmental departments.

Addressing Critical Challenges

Our Story

Hydro-Comp Enterprises was founded in South Africa in 1987 by two world leading experts in the field of Water Supply, Dr. Dinos Constantinides and Dr. Petros Kolovopoulos. In the early ninenties the company moved its headquarters to Cyprus, and since then has opened offices and holds operations in various countries within three regions in five vertical industries.

The company started by developing hydraulic modeling software. Its experience in implementing engineering solutions soon led to the realization that a more comprehensive enterprise management approach was needed to address real problems in Utilities. This led to the development of industry-specific methodologies that, in turn, formed the basis of the “EDAMS” suite of Management Systems in use today that address all aspects of the Utility core business.

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